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**GM-Admin Orders/notifications 2017**
Sr No.NumberDateSubject 
1 Memo No. 100/UH/Pen/Misc/Vol-VIII. 15.02.2017 Extension of benefits of "Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity" to the Haryana Government employees covered by New Defined Contributory pension scheme (known as NPS). Download
2 Memo No. 20/UH/HRII/NG/G119/V-II/L. 17.02.2017 Conducting the Type Test of Lower Division Clerks. Download
3 Memo No. 53/UH/GA-293/A-II/L. 14.02.2017 Weeding out record of Litigation Branch of Law and Legislative Department, Haryana. Download
4 Memo No. 73/UH/GA-789/Union Matter. 08.02.2017 Request for regularization of absence period during strike/ agitation by worker's Unions in HPUs. Download
5 Memo No. 04/UH/GA-382/13. 02.02.2017 Regarding Training course fee to be charged from Haryana Government Departments. Download
6 Memo No. 646/UH/GA-645/Cadre. 31.01.2017 Additional Charge of FA/HPPC. Download
7 Memo No. 217/UH/GA/382/LII/Vol-I. 16.01.2017 Filling affidavit/written statement in the Hon'ble High Court in the cases, wherein specific directions have been issued to Chief Secretary. Download
8 Memo No. Spl-I/UH/GA-382/II/Vol-I. 13.01.2017 Judgment of Supreme Court of India Civil Appeal No. 6373 of 2010 and Civil Appeal No 2759 Arising out of SLP (C) No 12858 of 2009 Download
9 Memo No. Ch-09/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119-L. 13.01.2017 The Departmental Type Test of the Officials (Head Office Cadre/Field Cadre) Download
10 Memo No. Ch-261/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 09.01.2017 Display of Swaran Jayanti Logo on Printed Matrial Download
11 Memo No. 127/UH/GA/10/REG. 06.01.2017 SAS Accountant now Section Officer Download
12 Memo No. Ch-51/UH/GA/293/A-II/Loose. 09.01.2017 Complaint against Non-Observance of Haryana State Litigation Policy 2010, National State Litigation Policy with Binding Orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India........ Download
13 Memo No. 46/UH/GA/-733 04.01.2017 Biometric Attendence in Field Offices of UHBVNL. Download